Monkey Spit Coffee? We Review Six Unusual Gourmet Coffees

Monkey Spit Coffee? How about coffee from elephant dung? We feature six unusual coffee drinks from around the globe for your reading pleasure.

In follow up to our popular article ‘Six Amazing & Unique Coffee Formulas From Around The World’ we give you the second installment.

Silky Egg Coffee

95% of Vietnamese coffee is made from Robusta coffee beans, which provide a slightly bitter flavor but have more caffeine and provide a better crema.

The Vietnamese Silky Egg Coffee (Cà Phê Trứng) is no exception. This mixture of Vietnamese coffee, egg yolks and condensed milk is rumored to have been invented in 1940’s Hanoi when a barman at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel ran out of milk to mix with the coffee.

The sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks are whisked together to make a thick, creamy mixture to pour on top of the black coffee. The sweet mixture takes away from the bitterness of the Robusta coffee beans and makes for a delightfully rich and smooth coffee experience

Frozen Coffee Jelly

Frozen coffee jelly has become a taste sensation after Starbucks launched the Jelly Frappuccino at Japanese branches. Instagram was overtaken with pictures of the popular drink going viral.

The coffee (or more like dessert!) is served with a base layer of jelly, made from the chain’s roast espresso coffee blend, topped with creamy vanilla custard sauce, frozen coffee and a swirl of whipped cream.

It requires an extra large straw to suck up this gelatin mixture!

Coffee Beer

Struggle to stay awake after a few beers in the afternoon? Well the bright sparks at Craft Beer have livened up their lagers and ales with a boost of coffee.

In order to prepare this rich ebony beverage, the coffee beans are steeped in either water or beer to extract the rich flavor from the coffee without making the drink too acidic.

The coffee flavors combined with the beer bring out aged woody and earthy notes to provide a hearty and stunningly delicious brewski.

There are plenty of different types of coffee-infused beers, ales, and stouts to keep an alcoholic busy for several weeks. Especially with the explosion in recent years of micro-breweries and craft beers.

So start finding your favorite today!

Monkey Spit Coffee

Mmmm…mmmm…who doesn’t like some monkey spit with their coffee? What, no takers?!

Well, that doesn’t seem to have stopped monkey spit coffee becoming a big hit in Taiwan.

Formosan Rock Monkeys were previously the bane of coffee farmers lives in Taiwan, stealing all the ripest coffee berries and spitting out the half-chewed coffee beans. That was until the farmers discovered that the caffeine-loving monkeys gave the coffee beans a sweeter flavor and unique vanilla aftertaste.

The vanilla scent is thought to come from the floral diet of these wired monkeys.

This gourmet coffee is super popular in Taiwan and is finished with some cute coffee art of a monkey face.

Cold Brew Coffee & Unicorn Tears

Like your coffee with a little more bling? Then head over to Dapper Coffee in Singapore where they serve cold brew coffee with shimmering gold dust and a splash of sparkling unicorn tears.

These are not just any old unicorn tears, but 100% tears of joy from the extremely rare pure bred Mongolian unicorn.

The rest of the ingredients are a trade secret of this swanky copper-clad cafe on Amoy Street. Check this place out if you ever fancy a cold brew on your travels in Singapore.

Elephant Dung Coffee

Perhaps in response to the very expensive ‘Cat poop’ coffee in Indonesia, Thailand came up with its very own poop themed coffee to trump their rivals.

Ten years in the making and the world’s most expensive coffee, Black Ivory Coffee claim the elephants help to produce a better tasting coffee bean in two ways:

1. The elephant’s digestive process, which takes between 15 to 70 hours, helps to break down the protein within the coffee cherries which causes bitterness.

2. The fermentation process within the elephant’s stomach brings out the sugars from the coffee cherries and infuses these flavors into the coffee bean.

The digested coffee beans are collected from the elephant’s poop and provide tasting tones of chocolate, malts and deep cherry. What are you waiting for…give it a try!