Six Amazing & Unique Coffee Formulas from Around the World

How do you take your coffee? In this article we explore six different amazing and unique coffee formulas from around the world for your tasting pleasure.

six amazing and unique coffee formulas from around the world

Coffee in a Cone

We previously wrote a separate post about “the world’s most Instagrammable coffee” and the social media storm that it created. It was first launched as the signature drink and promoted on Instagram by The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The base of this unique coffee drink is a special waffle cone lined with a mixture of different chocolates to provide more strength and to prevent the coffee leaking out. The cones are often drizzled with white chocolate too for more sparkle!

A hot cappuccino is poured into the waffle cone and finished with a heart shaped milk foam. The Grind Coffee Company also offer this delicious drink combo with a matche latte or iced coffee.

Cat Poop Coffee

Cat Poop Coffee or ‘Kopi Luwak’ originates from Indonesia and is made from the partly digested coffee cherries pooped out by the Asian palm civet or ‘Luwak’. The palm civet is a wild cat-like creature native to South East Asia.

The producers of one of the world’s most expensive coffee claim the secret of its great taste is down to two key factors:
– the civets use their highly developed senses to only select the ripest and freshest coffee cherries to eat
– the natural proteins and enzymes of the civet’s digestive tract ferment the coffee beans resulting in a unique earthy flavor

The civet poop is collected by farmers and washed to isolate the coffee beans before being dried under the sun. The beans are then pounded to remove the cherry skins and roasted to make the finished product.

It’s important to ensure you buy cat poop coffee from a reputable supplier as there have been instances of animal cruelty against the asian palm civet, with animals raised in captivity.

Nitrogen Coffee

Hailing from the good old US of A, Nitrogen coffee has been a big hit across the nation since Stumptown Coffee Roasters launched the beverage in Portland, Oregon. Cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas which gives the coffee a rich and silky texture. It is served straight out of the tap just like your favorite beer!

One of the main advantages of nitrogen coffee are that it’s more healthier than other coffee beverages as it doesn’t contain sugar, milk or alcohol but still has a creamy and smooth taste. It is also mainly produced from dark roasts which are lower in acidity which can cause acid reflux or heartburn.

Nitrogen coffee has become so popular even Starbucks are selling it!

Sweet Little Rain

In the bustling Chinese city of Shanghai the Mellower Cafe is causing a buzz on social media for its speciality coffee.

Their most popular drink on the menu consists of a cup of Americano coffee with a cloud of cotton candy floating above. The idea is that as the warm steam rises, it melts the cotton candy, which starts to rain down on the coffee and provide a deliciously sweet cup of Joe for you to enjoy. Which explains why the drink was named ‘Sweet Little Rain’.

It’s a super cute and popular concept which attracts many visitors to this trendy coffee shop.

Coffee with Cheese

It might sound wrong to your taste buds, but coffee with cheese is growing in popularity and is an amazing match. The people of Sweden have known about this classic taste combination for centuries!

Coffee cheese or Kaffeost, is a squeaky cheese that was originally made from warm cow or reindeer milk in Finland. It is cut into small chunks and added to hot coffee as a traditional drink in Sweden. The cheese is soaked for up to 10 minutes to absorb the flavors of the coffee. The temperature of the liquid also helps to melt the cheese giving it an oozing texture much like mozzarella.

Coffee and cheese are so good together as they share the same taste notes, such as nuts, caramel, chocolate and fruits.

This Swedish coffee is often accompanied by Cloudberry jam which is a cross between raspberry and red currant. This gives a tart and floral sweetness which goes well with the cheesy brew.

Maple Bacon Coffee

Who doesn’t like maple syrup or bacon?! Well now you can have both with your coffee, thanks to the great folks at Canadian company Boca Java with their Maple Bacon Coffee.

The 100% Arabica coffee beans from Nicaragua are soaked in the smokey maple and bacon syrup to absorb the wonderful taste and aroma. The coffee has a full bodied and complex flavor with a sweet and savory taste once brewed. What’s not to like!

The company also have other awesome coffee varieties such as Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven and Deep Blue Blueberry coffee, check out their website for more.