Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers

By wiredguide June 11, 2019

When researching what kind of coffee maker to buy for your house, the options seem almost endless. We look at the best thermal carafe coffee makers on the market today.

Glass carafes are more standard for many drip coffee makers, but you should consider the stainless steel carafe option as well. There are a few basic differences between the two types.

The following are a few variables to study when deciding which type of carafe will suit your coffee needs best:
Visible Coffee Brewing
With a glass carafe, you can keep an eye on the brewing process. You’ll have to trust the machine when it comes to the thermal option. The glass carafe is handy if you want to keep coffee ready for pouring, you can see how much is left before you need to brew a new batch. The closed lid of the thermal carafe helps slow down the evaporation process, keeping the brewed coffee at an ideal serving temperature for a longer.

How Quickly You Drink the Coffee
An important difference between a glass carafe and a thermal is determined by how quickly you finish a pot of coffee. You want to get the most flavor and aroma from the coffee, at its peak. Coffee can be kept fresh for about 20 minutes in a glass carafe and for about 60 minutes in a thermal carafe.

Preheating the Coffee
To reach the ideal holding temperature after brewing, you should preheat your thermal carafe with hot water for approximately 30 seconds before you start brewing the coffee. No need to do this with a glass carafe, the warmer plate will do the trick.

Cleaning the Carafe
Glass carafes are usually dishwasher safe. Thermal carafes usually need to be cleaned manually.