Best Espresso Machines with Milk Frothers

Best Espresso Machines with Milk Frothers – When you start diving into the home coffee brewing world more, you will realize that frothing the milk is one of the most important elements of preparing the perfect cup of coffee. If you are investing in a new machine, look out for one with a good milk frother.

Before we look at the best coffee machines with milk frothers, let’s look at the fine art of milk frothing first.

How to Froth Milk Perfectly.

You can either call it milk froth or milk foam, it’s all got to do with slowly pushing steam into the milk to form tiny bubbles. You want to aim at creating microfoam. This is when the bubbles in the milk are so small, you can’t see them, but the milk is puffed up to form that delicious creamy layer on top of your cappuccino.

Tips for Frothing Like a Professional

There are three elements that you have to master when you are frothing milk with a steam wand. Eventually these will be second nature to you, but in the beginning it will most likely be a trial and error process, so give yourself some time to become a pro frother.

Where to Put the Tip of the Steam Wand?

With this step you have listen carefully, there are three different zones in the milk pitcher. In the first, nearest to the surface, the tip will make a bubbling noise as it enters the milk and slightly deeper it will create a tearing or sucking noise. In the second or intermediate zone there will be little noise. The third zone is near the bottom of the milk pitcher and you will hear a loud roaring sound from the milk.

Where do you want to keep the tip most of the time? In the second zone. To create the ultimate microfoam, keep the tip of the steam wand at the top half of the pitcher. Gently move the pitcher up and down so that you hear the sucking noise occasionally.

But you want to stay clear of getting into zone one too often, otherwise the foam created will be too stiff. If you want to simply heat the milk after you’re satisfied with the frothing, push the tip towards the bottom so that you occasionally hear the roaring noise.

While you are frothing the milk, it should form a whirlpool in the pitcher, almost like a standing wave of turbulence. This way the foam created on top is folded into the liquid. If your steam wand has only one hole in the tip, angle the entry into the milk pitcher and keep it close to the side of the pitcher in order to rotate the milk in a whirlpool action.

If your steam wand has a multi-hole tip, aim it straight down and keep it close to the middle of the pitcher. A properly designed steam wand tip will automatically create the whirlpool effect in the milk pitcher. If you notice you’re struggling more and more to create this standing wave of turbulence in the milk, you need to check your steam wand tip.

It could be that some of the holes are blocked or it could be time to replace the tip because it’s damaged too much.

How Long To Foam the Milk?

When the liquid starts turning into foam, the milk volume will start increasing. This process is called milk stretching. You want to keep frothing the milk until you’ve got 50% more volume for a latte. For a traditional cappuccino “cap”, you want a light microfoam, so you have to keep frothing a little longer. But to create latte art, you can stop before that point. The side of the milk pitcher will be about 100°F, lukewarm.

You can use the heat as an indicator when to stop frothing, but the volume increase is a more reliable indicator. Depending on the type of steam wand, you might have to keep it at the foaming point until the milk is completely heated.

How Much Longer To Heat the Milk?

You want to heat the milk to about 160°F, that’s just below the point where the milk protein starts to curdle and the foam you worked so hard to create, is destroyed. Hold one hand against the side of the milk pitcher while you’re frothing. When it becomes too uncomfortable to hold onto the pitcher, the milk is hot enough.

Keep an eye on the volume of the milk, if it suddenly starts increasing it means that the proteins have started to curdle and the milk is too hot. If you know you have a low pain threshold, you need to keep frothing a little bit longer after it becomes too hot for you to hold onto the pitcher. You can also consider investing in an espresso thermometer to monitor the milk temperature.

Best Espresso Machines with Milk Frothers

By now you should be convinced that you should invest in a coffee machine with a good milk frother. The following are the best coffee machines with milk frothers that we’ve discovered for you.

Keurig Rivo Espresso, Cappuccino & Latte System

Simple, quick and easy! The convenient design allows you to froth milk with the touch of a button on the one side while your espresso is brewing on the other side. You can brew a shot in under a minute with the 15 bars of pressure. This machine also comes with a 12-pack Lavazza sampler for you to decide which flavor is your favorite.

It has a special energy-saving mode with an automatic on/off function. There are three frothing modes to choose from for Lattes, Cappuccinos as well as cold froth. You can select one of two espresso size options, short (1.4 oz.) and Lungo (2.8 oz.)

If you like the convenience of an automated machine, this is the best coffee machines with milk frothers option for you. You can enjoy the luxury of a delicious espresso or cappuccino without worrying too much about all the technical details. The capsule system guarantees quality consistency from batch to batch.

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker

When you are comparing the best coffee machines with milk frothers, this is another great automatic option to consider.
Nespresso has become one of the biggest players in the coffee world, striving for excellence and convenience with their products. This machine includes the Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother. One push of a button and perfect hot or cold milk froth is created within seconds.

The new revolutionary Centrifusion technology is incorporated to gently brew both traditional coffee and Espressos with the touch of a button. The machine uses special capsule recognition and code reading technology to make sure that the correct blend-specific parameters are selected for specific brewing. There are two capsule size options, small for Espresso and large for traditional coffee.

Make sure you buy the correct capsules for the Nespresso VertuoLine, it is not compatible with the Nespresso Original Line capsules. Great entry-level machine, will get you hooked on home coffee brewing.

DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic Coffee Machine

For convenient home coffee brewing, an automatic machine is the easiest option. This machine features a patented “Cappuccino System” with a frother that mixes steam and milk to create that perfect rich and creamy froth.

The machine has a handy control panel with programmable menu settings. It features an easy to clean “Direct-to-Brew” system with a conical low-pitch burr grinder. You can also adjust the grind fineness. A medium roast is recommended for the best grinder performance.

Become an instant home barista with this easy to use automatic machine. You can customize the settings to create your favorite style of coffee drink every time. The manual frother gives you power over the type of foam you want to create.

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother

In your search for the best coffee machines with milk frothers, you need to decide how big a machine you want. Do you only want to make one or two shots at a time, or are you looking for something a bit bigger for your dinner parties.

This Mr. Coffee model is perfect for the handiness of preparing a few cups at the same time when you are hosting a party or for a big family who enjoys a morning cup together. The easy-pour carafe serves up to four shots at a time. Make creamy froth with the frothing arm to create lattes or cappuccinos.

Great value for money as an entry-level machine. Remember to first run steam through the steam wand to get rid of the metal taste of a new machine.

Hamilton Beach Espresso & Cappuccino Make

A 15-Bar Italian Pump Espresso machine with patented slide and lock technology ensuring that you achieve cafe-quality results with almost no effort. The machine uses pods or ground coffee and the swivel steam wand makes steaming and frothing milk very easy.

The machine was inspired by European cafés, pursuing the perfect cup, but with convenience built into the process. Features a selector dial for espresso and steam functions. Unlike the average bulky espresso machine, this one was specially created to not take up too much counter space in your kitchen.

This machine is recommended for the amateur home barista who wants to improve their coffee skills with an easy to use machine.

Best Coffee Machines with Milk Frothers

In your search for the best coffee machines with milk frothers, one of the first things to decide is whether you want an automatic or manual machine. Thereafter another deciding factor will be whether you want to be stuck with a machine that uses specific pods, or if you want more flexibility with a machine that can use pods or normal coffee grounds.

Have you found the perfect milk frothing machine yet? Do you use an automatic machine or have you been brave enough to switch to a manual?