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The Best Espresso Machines Under $1000

Best Espresso Machines Under $1000 – If you have the budget to splurge on a state of the art espresso machine, the best espresso machines under $1000 will not disappoint you. The machine can’t magically produce the perfect espresso for you, but all the added features of a higher pricing machine will definitely make the process much easier.

Before we review the top five best espresso machines under $1000, let’s look at all the wonderful espresso drinks you will be able to produce with your machine.

Espresso Based Coffee Drinks & More

Coffee beans are the second most traded commodity in the world, just behind oil. The following are the top 10 most consumed coffee drinks worldwide:

No. 1: Espresso

espresso-coffee-cupIt’s officially the most consumed coffee drink around the globe. The coffee style originated in Italy in the early 18th century and it just grew in popularity from there. First it was just a European tradition but the Americans soon caught on to the obsession as well.

The plain espresso forms the basis of many other delicious coffee drinks. The perfect espresso is created with boiling water and steam at about 185°F to 203°F. Forcing water at a high pressure through 7 to 8 grams of dark roasted coffee grounds will produce the highest quality espresso.

Tip: the perfect cup will have a thick golden-brownish crema on top


1. Place fine coffee grounds in the filter basket of your coffee maker
2. Brew with small amount of water
3. Espresso is ready within 30 seconds

No. 2: Café Americano

cafe-americanoYup, you guessed right, this one is an original American creation. Basically, it’s still an espresso, just a little bit less strong. Hot water is blended with the basic espresso. You can drink it straight up black, or add milk.

Rumor has it that it was created during World War II when the American soldiers added hot water to get the strong Italian espresso to taste more like the coffee they were used to back home. Usually, the infusion ratio of hot water and espresso is 1:1, but you can adjust it to suit your personal preference.


1. Brew a perfect espresso.
2. Slowly add hot water to obtain your preferred coffee strength.
3. Enjoy a delicious Café Americano

No. 3: Iced coffee

iced-coffeeIt’s the best of both worlds! Delicious coffee in a cold beverage. There are a few variants – it can either be prepared with ice cubes, or with ice cream. With ice cream it can also be called a coffee milkshake. The first ice coffee was made in Algeria during the 17th century. It was made from coffee syrup and cold water.

One easy way of creating an instant iced coffee, is to simply pour the hot coffee over ice cubes. Or you could use your blender to mix the espresso with ice cream or crushed iced. Another popular method is cold brewing. This is an overnight process. Or you can create a Vietnamese Iced Coffee with a special coffee maker.


1. Soak coffee beans in water over the night.
2. Filter the water the following day.
3. Mix in milk and sweetener.
4. Refrigerate till chilled.
5. Serve with ice.

No. 4: Cappuccino

cappuccinoAnother great Italian invention that originated in the 16th Century. Originally it was called “Kapuziner” and by the 1930’s it was given a more Italian name, based on the color. Some fancy espresso machines will give you the option to press a button and wait for a delicious cappuccino to magically appear.

This is a very popular coffee drink in the UK, seeing as the Brits love drinking milky coffee. To make a cappuccino you need to add steamed milk and milk foam to an espresso. Top it off with cinnamon or chocolate sprinkles. Teach yourself barista art by watching YouTube video clips such as this:



1. Brew a perfect espresso.
2. Add just the right amount of hot milk with foam.
3. Top off with chocolate powder or cream, depending on your preference.
4. Enjoy a delicious Cappuccino.

No. 5: Red Eye Coffee

red-eye-coffeeA special patent of Caribou coffee, also known as a shot in the dark and depth charge. The extra dark red eye coffee will definitely shake you up. A single shot of espresso is added to special drip coffee to create the Red Eye.

If you add a double shot of espresso, then it’s called a Black Eye. This is perfect for you if you’re looking for a cup of coffee with more oomph. To create the ideal cup, add an espresso to a dark roasted drip coffee brew.


1. Brew a cup of drip coffee (French press recommended)
2. Brew a single/double/triple shot of espresso.
3. Add the espresso to the brewed coffee.
4. Sip the potent cup of coffee and wait for the caffeine power to kick in.

No. 6: Latte Macchiato

latte-machiatoAlso known as a stained milk drink, very popular in Italy. It’s basically between a straight-up espresso and a milky cappuccino. In Italy they drink a cappuccino in the morning, and a Latte Macchiato in the afternoon.

Firstly you have to froth milk to the perfect temperature with ample foam. Next you add the espresso. In the end the coffee drink has three layers – milk, espresso and foam. You can also add chocolate or cinnamon sprinkles to top it off. Compare with a Café Macchiato which is very similar.


1. Brew half a cup of espresso.
2. Slowly add the espresso to frothed milk.
3. Finish off with chocolate powder or cinnamon sprinkles.
4. Enjoy a creamy macchiato drink.

No. 7: Turkish Coffee

turkish-coffeeTurk Kahvesi’ is a Middle Eastern drink. It was preferred during World War II, basically, it was the grand-daddy of instant coffee. It’s brewed with a special narrow-topped small boiling pot, usually made from copper with a wooden handle or ibrik (Kanaka)

The main thing about Turkish coffee, is that it’s ground much finer than espresso coffee grounds. It’s almost like powder. You boil water and add sweetener just as it starts to boil, then add a teaspoon of coffee (one spoon per cup) and boil the mixture again.


1. Boil water (about 1.7oz per cup)
2. Add sweetener to boiling water according to taste.
3. When water reach boiling point, turn off the stove.
4. Add a teaspoon of Turkish coffee to the mixture. (one spoon per cup)
5. Stir well.
6. Wipe out foam and then re-boil the mixture.
7. Enjoy a thick and dark cup of Turkish coffee.

No. 8: Yuan Yang Coffee

yuan-yang-coffeeNamed after a pair of love birds, conjugal love. This is a unique drink, combining coffee and a special Hong Kong milk tea. Back in the day you could only buy it from street vendors but nowadays some cafés also serve it.

The street vendors have secret recipes to make their coffee drink stand out from the rest, but the main trick is to perfectly blend the coffee and milk tea to create a rich, creamy drink. The drink can be served both hot or cold, according to your taste.


1. Brew a cup of drip coffee.
2. Brew a cup of Hong Kong milk tea.
3. Slowly mix the two beverages together.
4. Serve the drink hot or cold.

No. 9: Café Frappe

cafe-frappeFrappe also means a hit, add café to the name and you get a delicious chilled coffee drink. It was accidentally prepared the first time in Greece. Currently, it’s gaining more popularity all over the world. It is definitely one of the favorite drinks to order at your local Starbucks.

Basically, it is instant cold coffee, prepared with oil-free instant coffee. All you need is instant coffee, water and sugar. Mixing these together you will create a delicious foamy coffee drink to which you can add milk and ice to your personal taste.


1. Place cold water in jar (2 to 3 tablespoons)
2. Add instant coffee (1 tablespoon)
3. Add sugar (1 tablespoon)
4. Shake the mixture till it creates a foam.
5. Add chilled water (about 7oz) and milk to taste.
6. Serve the drink with ice.

No. 10: Irish Coffee

irish-coffeeYou can probably guess what’s added to make this coffee drink. An Irish man rumored to be called Joe created this cocktail coffee. It’s served hot and it is one of the few coffee drinks you can order in an Irish Pub without people looking at you funny.

The traditional Irish coffee has Irish whiskey added to it, but nowadays you can replace the whiskey with a few different liquors such as Amarula, Frangello etc. Add some whipped cream and you have a delicious dessert coffee drink.


1. Brew a cup of dark coffee (about 4oz).
2. Add a tot of Irish whiskey or other liquor of your choice to it (1 oz)
3. Add sugar to taste (about 2 tablespoon)
4. Stir well.
5. Add a dollop of cream and enjoy.

Reviews: Best Espresso Machine Under $1000

The following are the top five best espresso machines under $1000 that we’ve selected to enhance your home coffee brewing experience.

DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine

With this super-automatic espresso machine you can make normal filter coffee, espresso, latte drinks and more. The machine features a special beans-to-brew system that freshly grinds the coffee beans before every drink to create exceptional espressos.

Equipped with two stainless-steel boilers, the heat distribution is excellent. It has a built-in instant reheat function, ensuring that the machine is always ready to prepare a perfect cup of coffee. The automatic burr grinder is very quiet and you can adjust the grinding level to your personal preference.

If you enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee but prefer not to get too involved with the coffee making process, this machine is perfect for you. There’s a button for everything! The machine is also very easy to maintain.

Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine

Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine

When comparing the best espresso machines under $1000, a built-in grinder is one of the most important features. If you can find one with a burr grinder, it’s even better. To create the perfect espresso, it’s crucial that the coffee beans are freshly ground.

This semi-automatic machine is great for beginners and more advanced coffee brewers. Espresso making has been called both an art and a science. You want to get all the various inputs just right. Two single-wall, non-pressurized filters give you room to experiment with different grind sizes, grind amounts as well as tamping pressure.

If you are serious about becoming a home barista, this machine is perfect for you. You will be able to systematically master the art of espresso making with the machine guiding you along the way.

KRUPS Fully Automatic Latte Espresso Machine

KRUPS Fully Automatic Latte Espresso Machine

Press a button and wait for a robust espresso or creamy cappuccino to instantly appear. A great compact size machine with an integrated frothing pitcher and milk frother. It’s perfect for coffee amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

It features a built-in metal conical burr grinder that you can adjust to your preferred grind size. The large sealed hopper will keep the coffee beans fresh for you to prepare several drinks in a row without having to refill it. A handy feature is that you can froth and brew coffee at the same time.

A streamlined process of bean to cup with the touch of a single button. If you want to experience delicious coffee drinks without worrying about the nitty gritty process of preparing the perfect espresso, this is the best choice for you.

Lavazza One-Cup Espresso Beverage System

Lavazza One-Cup Espresso Beverage System

A great all-in-one Espresso system; no mess, no waste. Create espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and even regular coffee or tea. An external frothing wand is included and it features a hot water button. The machine uses special pre-filled Lavazza espresso point cartridges.

When it comes to espresso machines, Lavazza is a brand name that can be trusted. The company has been around for over a hundred years. It was founded by Luigi Lavazza in 1895. The automated machine features state of the art functions.

Please note: make sure you buy the correct Lavazza pods for the machine model.

Comparing the options for the best espresso machines under $1000, this one falls under the ultimate luxury options. If you like high-quality coffee and ease of use, this machine is the perfect choice for you. Make a five-star hotel quality espresso in the comfort of your home!

Jura Coffee Machine

Jura Coffee Machine

Another user-friendly automatic machine option. The machine uses a one-switch operating concept with a smart rotary switch. A handy feature is the height-adjustable coffee spout, so you can use any cup you like, from 2.6 to 4.4 inches high.

It incorporates a revolutionary fine foam technology system to ensure that the milk foam quality maintains a fine, feather-light consistency. Turn, press and enjoy – when searching for the best espresso machines under $1000, you won’t get a more user-friendly one.

If you’re a bit of a techno geek and enjoy new technology trends, then this machine will not disappoint you. It’s simple and elegant. The machine can even speak various languages, featuring eleven language options.

Conclusion: The Best Espresso Machines Under $1000

Conclusion: The Best Espresso Machines Under $1000

When searching for your dream espresso machine and with a lavish budget at your disposal, you want to carefully consider your options. Looking at the best espresso machines under $1000, you can decide if you want to stick to the well-known brands or if you want to venture out and try a new up and coming brand.

Also, you need to decide if you want to stick to the easy to use automatic options, or if you want to consider switching to a semi-automatic machine to expand your home coffee brewing expertise.

Have you found your dream espresso machine yet?