Best Coffee Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again, when people run around like crazy trying to find that perfect gift to impress a loved one. Some might speculate that the festive season is just a big commercial gimmick, forcing people to spend money they don’t really have. But let’s put a positive spin on it, and see it as an opportunity to show our loved ones how much they mean to us by finding them a thoughtful gift.

We’ll give you a list of the best coffee Christmas gifts to impress that cousin of yours who just discovered home coffee brewing, or to spoil your mom as a thank you for all those morning coffees she made you when you were kid.

How to choose the best Christmas gift

Did the thought ever cross your mind “I wish there was just a formula I could follow to select the best Christmas gift”?

Well, you are in luck, someone took the time to try and figure out if the mystery could be cracked. Karen Pine, a professor of Psychology, decided to tackle this frustration and came up with a step by step formula that people could follow:

(L x 2) + O + E2 – PD + EM = PG

The L means listening, the O stands for observation, the E means you need to put in effort. Subtract your personal desire (PD), add some empathy (EM) and you have the Perfect Gift (PG)

Step 1: Listen

The x 2 means you need to concentrate while you are listening. Everyone drops hints of their likes and dislikes in conversations, sometimes intentionally and other times you have to read between the lines. An easy way to get the information out of them, is to innocently ask for some advice on buying a gift for someone else. They will inevitably include some of their own gift preferences.

Step 2: Observe

The worse thing to do, is to buy someone a gift that you like, not keeping in mind who you are shopping for. If you are able to observe the person you are shopping for in a mall or doing online shopping, you can find some extra clues.

Otherwise, observe what gets them excited. People love talking about their passions. If the person is a bit reserved, you can try ask provocative questions to get them talking about their likes and dislikes. For instance the latest coffee craze or ask if they also agree the Aeropress makes better coffee than a French Press.

Step 3: Put in some effort

Which gift would you prefer: a generic plant from the local supermarket or that new coffee gadget you’ve been wanting to test out for months? The difference between these two gifts, is the amount of effort put in to find them. The first one means that the gift-buyer probably almost forgot about your gift and quickly dashed to the store. The second one means that they care enough about you to set aside some time to find the perfect Christmas gift that shows how much they value you.

People can sense when you are being sincere, and a gift choice amplifies the motives behind the selection. Putting a little bit of extra effort into your gift selection will show that you took the time to keep the person’s personality and likes in mind when selecting it.

Step 4: Subtract Personal Desire

This ties in with the comment above, don’t buy someone a gift that you like and assume they will be just as excited about it as you are. We sometimes overestimate how much we know about our loved ones. You remember those hideous socks you used to get from your granny as a kid? She probably genuinely thought that you would like them.

You need to remember what you learned in the previous steps of listening and observing. Even if you disagree with the statement that the Aeropress is superior to the French Press, if that’s the way that your cousin feels, you know which one you have to buy him.

Step 5: Empathy

This step basically brings together everything to ensure the perfect Christmas gift choice. One way of describing empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes for a moment, imagining life from their perspective. This means you need to forget about your own preconceived ideas for a moment.

If you can select the right gift, you will also be giving the person an extra unseen gift of love and understanding. Imagine how special you would feel if your loved one remembered that you wanted to test out that new coffee gadget, but you hadn’t had time to buy it yet.

Keeping all that in mind, we know that coffee fanatics can lean towards the snobby side when it comes to coffee products, so to choose the best coffee Christmas gifts can be very tricky. Luckily there are ways out there to keep up with the latest buying trends and the best new products available on the market.

We took the time to pick the top five best coffee Christmas gifts so that you can just browse and click the buy button.

Gourmia Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The cold brew coffee brewing method has become very popular in the last few years. This elegant Gourmia coffee maker takes the hassle out of the process. Easily achieve the perfect intensity; simply load the coffee grounds in the steeping column according to your strength preference, fill with water and let the coffee grounds and water infuse for between 12 to 24 hours.

The coffee maker is made from heavy duty borosilicate glass and stainless steel. It is dishwasher safe and all parts are eco-friendly. You can make up to one liter of iced coffee.

Customers agree that this product is very straight-forward to use. It can also be used to create tea and other spicy or herbal drinks.

Mason Jar French Press

You can’t go wrong with a French Press, it is one of the best coffee brewing methods. It’s easy, quick and delivers a delicious cup of coffee every time. This coffee maker can make up to six cups. It is made from durable glass with a fine mesh screen plunger for excellent filtration. The silicon sleeve keeps your coffee hot for longer and prevents any accidental burns.

You can make up to six cups of coffee at a time. Perfect for making a quick cup of coffee, instead of switching on your coffee machine. The stylish design puts a modern spin on a classic coffee brewer.

This product is noted as being very easy to use and clean. Perfect to take on camping trips. Take care to not break the jar, as they can be quite tricky to replace.

Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand

The pour-over coffee brewing method is another very popular brewing technique, also very easy and quick. Osaka created a beautifully designed dripper, an artistic statement of appreciating classic coffee brewing techniques.

The dripper’s stainless steel cone serves as a permanent filter, eliminating the unnecessary wastage of paper filters. The special double filter is laser-cut and also has an additional mesh inside. The wood is waterproofed and the borosilicate glass carafe has a lid as well to be used when pouring the coffee.

This coffee making method is ideal because it gives you control over the strength and boldness of each cup. This is a nice interactive coffee making gadget and will entertain your guests by bringing it to the dinner table for a cup of coffee with dessert.

Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Using a single-serve coffee maker with pods, is like creating the perfect espresso every time. You don’t have to worry about getting the amount of coffee grounds just right; simply pop in a pod, press a button and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every time. A Prestee 36 pod drawer is also included with the machine.

The coffee maker will create a perfect cup of coffee in under a minute and you can choose between three different cup sizes – 6 oz, 8 oz, or 10 oz. It has a 48-oz. removable water reservoir, so you can make up to six cups before refilling it. With your purchase you will get 48 k-cup pods to get you started. Flavors include Starbucks-Pike Place, Italian Roast, English Breakfast and more.

This coffee machine gets consistently excellent reviews on Keurig has been creating coffee makers since 1990 and is a trusted name in the industry which can be relied upon.

Gourmia Manual Coffee Grinder

This grinder is perfect for a coffee lover that appreciates old world charm. It is built from high-quality pine wood, a ceramic core and cast iron body. Not only is it functional, it is also a stylish addition to a kitchen with a vintage, eclectic or retro style. You can use it to grind coffee beans as well as herbs, spices, nuts and more.

The various grind settings allow you to produce coarse to fine coffee grounds. It’s very easy to use; twist the cog nut to change the grind setting, load your beans in the bowl and rotate the ergonomic handle to start grinding. The coffee grounds are then collected in the convenient catch drawer.

You will very impressed with the quality of the grinder and how easy it is to use. Perfect for those not only interested in a functional grinder but also looking for an aesthetically pleasing one.

Hopefully this list of the best coffee Christmas gifts will make your life a little bit easier this festive season. Let us know which one is your favorite coffee product!