Best Coffee Blogs

Have you discovered your best coffee blogs yet? That one you eagerly anticipate in your inbox every week. If you haven’t yet found the one that gives you everything you want, we’ve got a few ideas below that might grab your attention.

If you’re more visually inclined, further on in this article we feature some Instagram accounts to follow and a few Pinterest boards that have inspired us.

Popular Coffee Blogs


1912 Pike is the address of the first Starbucks store in Seattle. It was started by a few people passionate about coffee with a desire to share it with others. They believe that “in the end, coffee is all about community.” So far their passion has spread to 67 countries and territories.

Their blog post topics include farm to cup, how to, coffee recipes, the definitive taste and drinks, passionate people, coffee places and other cool stuff.

Daily Coffee

Roast Magazine’s Daily Coffee News was created in 2012. It provides noteworthy reading for coffee professionals. Breaking news, in-depth feature stories and insider columns.

The blog boasts with more than 12,000 subscribers and sends out newsletters twice weekly.

The blog was created by Nate Smith in 2009, he’s always seeking the best cup of coffee. It’s a resource for coffee lovers to learn more about coffee. It provides easy to follow video tutorials, commentary and product reviews.

Best of all, look out for the FREE coffee product giveaways from time to time.


If you are more visually inclined, this is the perfect blog for you. In the words of Chermelle Danicea Edwards, the founder, “I love coffee; I love coffee shops even more”.

Defined as a webzine, the blog is a photo-documentation combined with storytelling to explore the complex and diverse world of coffee as a culture.

Dear Coffee I Love

If you’ve ever had this thought cross your mind, read further on the blog about other people just as passionate about coffee as you are. Brian Jones founded the blog in 2009. It aims to inspire people to appreciate coffee more. Another visually inspired blog for you to enjoy.

I Need

Yet again, a thought very familiar in the minds of all coffee lovers! The blog boasts to be created by coffee fans, for coffee fans. The Inanimate Objects Comics will give you a nice chuckle for the day. But if you’re more the solemn type, there are some serious blog posts for you as well.

The blog was created in 1999 by a coffee fanatic, Michael Allen Smith. The goal is to celebrate excellent coffee and empower coffee fans to make better coffee at home.


Does the name James Hoffmann ring a bell? He’s a World Barista Champion as well as the author of “The World Atlas of Coffee”. Square Mile Coffee Roasters is another project he’s involved with, as the CEO. Taking his formidable reputation into account, you can be sure that when he talks about coffee, you can listen without wondering if it’s nonsense or not.

Sprudge is slang for espresso sludge, the buildup of espresso grounds. The blog has a combo of tongue-in-the-cheek coffee humor and serious coffee discussions. It was created in 2009 and boasts with a network of more than seventy writers from around the world. Their aim is to cover the latest and greatest in coffee. This includes everything from cafes opening to unique coffee events, to interviews with baristas and coffee entrepreneurs.


A blog for baristas by Matt Perger, the World Brewers Cup Champion of 2012. In 2013 he took 2nd place and before that in 2011 he came in 3rd. Needless to say, he is quite a big coffee expert. The blog has interesting tools such as the Cowculator, calculating the exact combination of coffee grounds, fat, protein and sugar to produce the best milky coffee drinks.

The Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy will give you everything you need to know about creating the perfect cup of coffee. Don’t be intimidated by the word “barista”, with enough practice anyone can become an expert coffee maker.

The Coffee

This blog will answer all your coffee questions. Created by Benji Walklet after he became fascinated with creating the perfect cup of coffee at home. He’s favorite drink, a Mocha, got him exploring the art of espresso drinks.

After finally mastering the Mocha, he decided to share his love for coffee and all things related to it with others, creating the blog to share his discoveries with other coffee fans.

Coffee Meets Instagram

@Coffee Cakes Cafe

A mix of coffee-inspired artwork, sketches, doodles and more. Sometimes coffee beans are used instead of traditional pen or brush. Incorporating everyday life with the wonder of coffee.

@Man Make Coffee

Showing the edgier side of life with coffee. Submissions are accepts for the feed, experience photos from around the world. Interesting way of observing how other people see life and their expression of it with the incorporation of coffee into everyday activities.


The photos are inspired by the print magazine devoted to coffee, simply called Drift. Each issue is devoted to one specific city, exploring its special coffee culture. Enjoy the stunning footage that they capture, dive into the stories of each place.


Tho Keller is the owner of Hamburg-based shop Coffee Table Mags and co-founder of #thirdwavewichteln. Passionate about coffee, he uses this medium to express his love for the wonderful beverage.

@Coffee Cups of the World

Guess where the cups showcased on this account come from? Yup, you guessed right, from around the world. Cup branding is an art form all on its own and this account is devoted to showcasing it. Use the tag #coffeecupsoftheworld and your cup might make it into the virtual art gallery of cups.


Coffee meets Pinterest

Coffee Coffee Coffee

A community board for all things coffee! Collecting anything and everything that has something to do with coffee.

Caffeine Wisdom

A community board for funny coffee sayings and coffee wisdom. Coffee has inspired many sayings, always fun to share them and chuckle at the ones that you can relate to.


The kings of, or shall we say stars of, coffee has a variety of boards that you can follow. They are passionate about coffee, so you can be sure that you view the crème de la crème of coffee here. (Unless you prefer foam with your cappuccino).

Coffee Board

The board’s name is “coffee board”, how can you not follow that?! All things coffee – sayings, funny mugs, beautiful compositions and more.

In fact, Pinterest is full of a variety of “coffee” boards, type it in the search and find the one that draws your eye the most.