10 Popular Coffee Articles

In this article we feature 10 Popular Coffee Articles on the web.

As part of putting together the quality content for wiredcoffeeguide.com, we research the latest news and articles on the internet. We love reading fresh and original articles as part of the wider coffee community, but it can be hard to find the quality content within all the thousands of material published online. So we’ve put together a list of the current most popular and top trending coffee articles on the web for your easy reference.

How Did We Put The List Together?

We used an online research analysis tool to target the content most shared on social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. We also took into account the authority of the domain which created the original content, such as backlinks, referring domains, and keywords, to ensure the information comes from a reputable source.

The 10 Most Popular Coffee Articles

1. Coffee And Climate Change: In Brazil, A Disaster Is Brewing

“Coffee lovers, alert! A new report says that the world’s coffee supply may be in danger owing to climate change. In the world’s biggest coffee-producing nation, Brazil, the effects of warming temperatures are already being felt in some communities.”

2. Starbucks’ New Cup Is Pissing People Off And It’s Hilarious

“The holiday season is upon us! That wonderful time of year when a certain segment of the population insists that the time between Halloween and New Year’s is for celebrating Jesus’ birthday only, thank you very much. Don’t say “Happy Holidays!” it’s “Merry Christmas,” heathens.”

3. Regular Coffee Consumption Could Help Prevent Dementia

“It’s time to up that coffee order every morning! A recent study published in The Journals of Gerontology discovered that a higher-than-average daily caffeine consumption led to test subjects who were “less likely to develop incident dementia or any cognitive impairment” compared to those who consumed less-than-average amounts of the stimulant.”

4. 7 Tips for Making the Best Coffee Ever

“Every coffee lover should consult these important rules (and handy tricks) before brewing another pot of java.”

5. Your Starbucks Order Will Reveal Your Favorite Sex Position

“Is your sex life more Grande or Venti?”

6. Your Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Overflowing With White Privilege, Says Academic

“Starbucks may like to think of itself as a progressive company—with its menu of health-care options for employees and recent pay hikes for store workers—but there’s one big problem: the white privilege in its pumpkin spice lattes.”

7. Lattes and Leather Whips at Portland’s New BDSM-Themed Coffee Shop

“If you’re looking for the bathroom, you might not want to try that door.

Already known for its coffee shops, the city of Portland, Oregon is gaining yet another one—and this one is keenly interested in getting to know you. The Moonfyre Café, inspired by a dominatrix with barista tendencies, is about to open its doors and let you live out your wildest fantasies.”

8. Disgruntled Employee Accused of Pouring Cleaner into Office Coffee Machine

“Authorities have reportedly arrested a Virginia woman they say poured a cleaning agent used for windows and bathrooms into an office coffee machine, causing her co-workers to get sick.”

9. Coffee from Another Age: The last ‘kissaten’ of Yanesen

“Shigeo Ota spends six days a week behind the counter of his cafe, Aroma, watching TV and waiting for customers who rarely come. The cafe is in Komagome, a town in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward, close the quiet neighborhoods of Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi (collectively known “Ya-ne-sen”). There isn’t much foot traffic here by Tokyo standards.”

10. ‘Gilmore Girls’ Popup Coffee Shop in Long Beach Draws Hundreds of Fans

“Hundreds of fans of the hit show “Gilmore Girls” lined up down the street and around the block from a Long Beach coffee house Wednesday as part of a promotion for the show’s return to Netflix.”